Falisha’s Story

Originally I was known as ‘Organic Wino’ but now you can call me Falisha K. Patel. I wanted to make it more personal since I’ve noticed my followers prefer that, so here it goes! I got married in 2016 to my High school sweetheart (his name is Heral) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We have a home in Southern California and have a little fur baby named Meeko, who is now 13 years old! (I can’t believe it!) 
I’m a hairstylist that specializes in balayage and work in Mission Viejo; sometimes after a long shift at work i will go home and pour a glass of my favorite wine, (Cabernet of course!). 

I’ve traveled to: The Dominican Republic, Canada, Costa Rica, The Caribbean, and more! 

I try (key work TRY lol) to live a clean, organic, and healthy life. From concocting cleaning products for the household, using essential oils for various tasks, and growing my own herb garden (it’s died a few times..haha).

Often my friends and family ask me to send my favorite vacation destinations, restaurant recommendations, Recipes, and more, so I decided to create this space where I share all of my favorites.

Hope you Enjoy! 

Disclaimer: This is for fun! So lighten up and don’t judge me LOL

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